The current build (2018.4.3p1) changed the client reconnection behavior.


There is one problem though, it's

based on ping as far as I can tell. I attempted to use 2 connections to test this, one that is extremely unstable and goes above 1000 when a download is put on it in vrc, and one that is stable and usually stays between 600-800. (the stable one gets 1-2mbps, the unstable one gets 100-200kbps) The unstable one can join other worlds with only 1 reconnect since its ping is 100-200. The stable one with a ping of 600-800 cannot, it just gets black screened and put in an infinite reconnecting loop. The world the stable one spawns in is the only instance it can be in, upon leaving it gets a reconnecting loop. I have had multiple people confirm this with multiple people above the range test if they could change instances.

Quick Side Note: Ping is NOT a good way to check connection stability. It is latency. Someone having a ping of 600-800 with a stable connection to the server just makes them half a second to a second behind everyone else.


The only solutions I can think of are an option for this to be disabled for those who naturally have a high ping (I've also heard some with a 200-300 ping having issues with the reconnecting, but this is uncertain) from a file in the vrc cache folder where the particle limiter can be tweaked or it to be removed after the server issues are resolved.

The only reason I'm making this post in the first place is because I just want to play VRC normally without having to grab the world+instance ID and relaunch the game to launch into it. Multiple people have had to do this in order to even stay in 1 instance and can't leave it without relaunching the entire game to switch instances.