Hello! I think there is still a huge problem with the game communication. We don't really often hear news or planned feature on the discord, and it's very difficult to talk to an admin if this doesn't really help impact them.

The last game update was two weeks ago, where some little features were implemented, but it's been like forever since we ever heard something about some features that much people are waiting for (like VRCUdon and many more).

It's also been 8 months since the last Developer Update (youtube), and 2 months since the last Twitch stream.

You can also notice that many member of the VRChat team have them Discord DM closed (except Tupper and Gunter as far as I know) which isn't really normal in a social game like VRChat.

One other problem is that most of the time we don't get any response to our mails. This is true for the mails to apply for a job, but also for the mails to moderation@/hello@.

I also think the team should play a little more in public worlds. It's been more than a year since I started playing, and I have like never been in the same room as one of them (maybe I haven't been lucky).

So, at least try to communicate a bit more on what you are doing, so the community know how far you are on each planned feature, maybe try to hire another (discord) community manager so Tupper don't have to do all the work alone, and (this is a little bit off-topic) try to take more in consideration the security problems that outside devs/modders report to you

I really hope this will make things better. Have a nice day o/