Oke, after more hours playing in VRChat, moving around is okay... but! There is one problem.

I am using WMR with joystick and touchpad. I can use both (Vive / Oculus only touch move) and i know the joystick is analog controlled, so if i push it gently, i should move very slow forward.

Full push joystick will move at normal walk speed or slight faster.

I need slow movements because i want just slide a bit. But normal movement now is not so great. I am too quick and will trip over the edge easy, or i am at wrong place.

Touchbutton is different to joystick because it has no self-center part. So touch button must have larger zone for rest, but i think it's still possible for movement speed because touch is precisie enough.

I really want better movement speed control in VRChat!

Might also useful for some game world where you must move fast or move very carefully.