This feature request is mainly for VR users and people with low end computers, when you enter a world with a Youtube video it downloads it to display it without buffering, however it doesn't pay attention to how many videos it has to download and start a new process (taking up CPU and RAM) for each video it has to download (albeit, only if the map is badly designed seemingly).

So for example, joining the Karaoké map late after a ton of people have used songs opens like 20 youtube-dl.exe, pushing the CPU & RAM to 100% and completely freezing both the game and the computer (at least on my end).

Best case scenario, VRChat times out and you have to restart, worst case scenario is a long freeze, then a blue screen.

Would it be possible to limit the number of youtube-dl.exe launched at one time? Or implement something similar to a queue system?

Edit: attached a picture I somehow managed to snap the moment it started while I joined the Karaoké (my VRChat timed out afterward)