I'm sure similar things have been suggested, but it really is an essential feature that's missing.

We need to be able to go to a public world ID, "like" it in some way, then add it to a saved menu in Unity that we can use when adding portals to a room. Ideally this will eventually be possible in-world, but at least adding it to a Unity menu would allow us to share our favourites.

This would encourage very talented artists to make more stuff. At the moment a very small portion of the best designs stick. Most of what I see trending I've either already experienced or I'm not interested in.

A system like this I think would allow a lot curators to thrive, and then you could find those with similar tastes. People would share a lot more, and artists would see more traffic and push things further instead of moving on to something else, as I so often see now.

I'm sure VRC has considered options like this and now with the traffic it's more necessary than ever. At least if you want to keep a larger percentage of the skilled creators that try this out once. And people like myself will spend more time online exploring.