Since more and more avatars use face tracking, the currently available amount of bits for avatar parameters is getting very low. Face tracking alone takes about half the parameters available.
One way I got around this on an avatar is to utilize two 8 bit parameters to sync mutiple values in sequence, which makes it basically possible to have an "infinite" amount of parameters. The downside of that is that the sync is not in realtime (stutters for other players since every parameter synced this way has to be synced every tick after each other) and when joining a world the initial sync to set all parameters for other players to be visible takes also a bit of time. About 10 parameters a second is the maximum.
Im seeing more and more people using that kind of sync for those parameters so I think lots of people are interested in having more parameter space. Even doubling the current amount would be a huge help.
If that is for some reason not possible. More fine adjustments would also help. Like defining the precision of int and float values. Lots of radials dont need the full 8 bit of range. Or make some parameters static, so that we have static and dynamic values where static ones only change when used in a radial and dynamic ones are those which are constantly changing (like face tracking for example). The static ones only would need to be synced on world join / other player join and when changing the value manually via toggle or radial. That could possibly save on network bandwith if thats an issue.