Tupper mentioned scans for public avatar world avatars were being phased out, but does that mean so are the limitations for what performance is allowed on an avatar in a public avatar world?

Is VRchat now just leaving it up to the community to block avatars they feel are low performance? Will there be an automated system in place (as with the security shields) that allows players to automatically block avatars of a certain performance grade? Is there plans to be able to block and avatar by ID or author?

Obviously as the curator of a busy public avatar world, all these point are very important in getting a handle on how we move forward with things.

At the very least, either way this goes, I'me extremely grateful to be able to update on my world on the fly. It'll make it a lot easier and engaging with my community, and bring a lot more life to Subcom as a hub for the aesthetic we drive, and the people who are enthusiastic about it, so thank you once again. <3