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Implement the official pen system in VRCSDK
The proposal is to include the pen system implemented in the official world "Presentation Room" in the VRCSDK so that it can be used in the user world as well. This will significantly improve pen system synchronization in all user worlds. In addition, it was confirmed in Build 772 that the accuracy of ObjectSync was significantly reduced. These phenomena are particularly fatal in the world where drawing is the main topic. First of all, it is hoped that the accuracy of ObjectSync will be improved, but we also propose to make the official pen system available to the user. As a result, drawing world etc. will not be influenced by the specification change of ObjectSync. --------------------------- [Japanese] 公式のペンシステムをVRCSDKに実装する この提案は、公式ワールド「プレゼンテーションルーム」で実装されているペンシステムをVRCSDKに含むことで、ユーザーワールドにおいても使用できるようにすることです。 これにより、全てのユーザーワールドにおいてペンシステムの同期が大幅に改善されることになります。 また、ビルド772においてObjectSyncの精度が著​​しく低下していることが確認されました。こういった現象は、ドローイングをメインとしたワールド等において特に致命的な問題です。 まずObjectSyncの精度が改善されることが望まれますが、合わせて公式のペンシステムをユーザーが使用できるようにすることを提案します。 これにより、ペンを使用したドローイングワールド等がObjectSyncの仕様変更に左右されなくなります。
The smallest features that would make the biggest impact pre-udon
World creators can already do a lot with triggers, standard assets, built in components, and final IK. But a major issue that I run into time and time again is how to interact with the player. Some of my best worlds completely ditch the vrchat player and give you a new one, whether that be a big robot, a racing vehicle, or a tiny platformer. But the problem with these is that I always end up locking the player in place and giving them pickups. While this has some benefits in the social aspect of hearing nearby players, there is a certain level of disconnection that ruins immersion. If we had better interaction with the player, this could be improved significantly to build these complex systems directly on top of the vrchat player rather than replacing them. First of all, we need a trigger that will activate based on what device you are using. It could be future proofed by letting us type in a string, checking it with the XRDevice, and if they match then fire the trigger. Or it could also be matched against more generic terms like VR or Desktop. Second, we need hand and root tracking. Just a simple script that sets the transform of an object to copy the transform of your vr hands. This would allow for much more immersive connection between the player and the world, such as with menus or touchable buttons. And third, a script that takes analog inputs from the player and writes to an animator float. X and Y of left/right directional inputs. Animators are the basis of complex world logic, and the more information we give them the more we can do. But here's the thing: none of this needs to be networked. These scripts can and should be entirely local, and if the world creator decides, they can use objectsync. This is exactly what broke datastorage and made prop api so difficult to deal with (not that it was even intended to be used in the way it was). We don't need more fine-tuned complicated scripts that do a dozen different things behind the scenes and break after 6 months. We just need a few simple, generic ways to bridge the gap between the player and the world.
Full Body Tracking problems
Since friends and my self have ventured into full body tracking recently I've noticed issues with it's implementation. --- The thigh should not be rotating 1:1 with the ankle. This has never been how the human body works. Most characters are not weight painted for such abusive twisting in the hip. --- The head vantage point of the avatar sinks into the neck or chest when sitting or laying down. This is pretty important and problematic since one of the entire gimmicks of full body is to be able to do this in VRchat. --- Calibrating every avatar when you change to is silly specially if it's an avatar you used in the same session. Allow for profiles or store the information with the avatar. --- Proportion adjustment is necessary. It's obvious at this point forcing realistic proportions onto fantasy characters with limbs that are various size is a problem. Even for standard VR users. Arm length adjustment without effecting your player height is very important. This can potentially solve the head sinking into the chest when sitting or laying down. --- Avatar arm IK freaks out when laying on your back and reaching for the sky. --- Clavicle bones are not being included in arm IK. It is for standard VR users. Why is full body IK not including this bone? It makes avatars look silly. --- Location of player height button and scaling the world as you change it with a "EXIT VRCHAT" button next to was probably not the best design choice. Perhaps informing desktop users this does nothing for them would be helpful too. >_O
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