Allow world creators the ability to moderate their OWN worlds and issue their OWN bans. I'm tired of seeing crashers and exploiters in my worlds and kicking them is nothing. I want the ability to ban certain individuals from my worlds.

There is absolutely no harm in doing this. Who is it going to hurt? The exploiters and cheaters.

What if world creators abuse it and ban people from THEIR OWN worlds? Well it's their fault their world fails to gather a population.

What else will this do? Allow world creators to suit the needs of their wanted audience.

it will also help take the stress off of the actually game moderators.

Thank you,

Lucifer MStar - Creator of 30+ worlds including church of marriages.

P.S. Communicate more with your community on what you are doing about these crashers and exploiters and maybe the heat and stress will die down. Honestly this is the most annoying thing communication.