greetings! first of all my english is not very good so sorry in advance.

As we all know vrchat is getting a lot awesome features BUT its all meaningless if all of that runs on a single cpu core. even famous youtubers/streamers are already ranting about it and they are RIGHT! is not right to have spent a lot of money on a beefy machine + headset to play this game and getting fps drops to almost slideshow levels (let alone people like me who runs vrchat on an older machine and people that play on cheap PCs).

So my request is this: i know is not going to be easy (neither cheap) because it requires rewriting the core code of the game (no pun intended), but as far as i know it is possible to have multicore support with the version of unity you are using.

So for now all i ask from you all is: are you already working / are going to work on a multicore vrchat client? YES or NO? and in case of saying no, please give us a good explanation as of why not (technobabble included since some of us actually are able to understand all those details).

sorry if i sound a bit rude. and thanks in advance.