Here is a bug. if you try to use anything in the vrchat except the volume down and power key to take an ingame photo I will not save to the device and show up in the gallery or files app.
  1. use any of the ways to take a photo or image in an instance using the inapp options, two you take infinite screenshots or photos but they are never saved to your devices internal storage, files or gallery when using the camera or screenshot options in the app. also those two images in files app were taken by somone else and sent to me via discord.
  2. the bug may be device specific to the samsung galaxy s9+ as My friend with a google pixel can use the camera function fine with the google gallery app. but when I try using the same app it still does not show up. and I do know the naming format and I dont get those folders at all. I also have the storage permission enabled. it seems like when I take a photo ingame they just dont register. as a photo taken in the files