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On Quest Don't allow "very poor" avatar's to be shown with "show avatar"
I know certain people will hate that I'm requesting this, but, I really don't care I was just on quest and it already seems ruined. every public world was just nothing but very poor quest avatar, everyone was hidden. this is because you can just "show avatar" to unhide a very poor avatar This feel like a really bad choice for many reasons. why would anyone ever use a 5-7k poly avatar when you could be a 50K MMD with 0 work put into it? most people don't know and don't care about how bad for performance this is on mobile, then, they blame world creators and VRC itself for being unperformant (already happens on PC version) so, lets step through what this is like for a new user from their perspective. They join VRChat, they see "Good quest avatar world!" filled with decent 5-10k poly avatars, then, they join "crap MMD Quest avatar world!" they join is and find a bunch of 40-50k poly avatars, they are obviously more decent, so, they pick one of these because they don't know and don't care yet Now, this person is an avatar that they think looks great, but, they don't know others can't see them. They find other players and ask why they can't see anyone, because, everyone is using these avatar. They are told they need to select them and push unhide. this just sounds really bad for new users and builds up people getting used to these very poor performance avatars Very poor avatars should not show and be hidden locally (to avoid confusing and not knowing no one can see you)and should not be allowed to be displayed through "show avatar" VRChat knows the specs of the quest, there is no wiggle room. this can be designed for. I should have been able to go on quest and see everyone in quest avatars, not a sea of hidden very poor avatar
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