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Make a temporary block!!!
First of all i want to say, that i'm a psychologist working in nursing home specializing in mental health/alzheimer patients/mood swings/recurring fears/persistent gloom/ etc. There are alot of people in Vrchat who block/mute that have an issue with socializing with unknown people. There are alot of people who aren't sociable or tolerant and they use block to fix their issue. There is also alot of discrimination against lower ranks people, as hardcore vrchat players feel superior to other users. As a professional psychologist i can read people very easily, and i almost have been doing tests everyday for a total of 500+ hours. There are many reasons for a player to use block, and i will explain some of them. 1. Standing too close or staring at an avatar without saying anything - block ) Taking the game too seriously/feeling threatened by another user because of real life social insecurities . 2. Blocking for talking back, ) People who are bad at socializing will get emotional very fast and might feel threatened by somebody who talks back in a normal non threatening calm voice, because they realize they can't win, they just block to fix their issue. 3.Blocking for having a lower rank, ) Heard people say it many time ingame, that they insta block newcomers/newusers. Have been in many rooms with, known/trusted users that felt superior to lower ranks. Have seen people getting kicked for no reason just because they had a lower rank. (This superiority sense comes from own real life insecurities that makes a person act like this.) 4. Blocking for being superior at socializing or stealing all the attention , ) People will block easily if they can sense that you're more superior at socializing, as they want to have a sense of control that they don't have in real life. 5. Blocking for own superiority, ) People will block you for very simple reasons to just show you their own superiority over you and to boost their own emotional ego. (i had people come up to me when i was talking to express that they're gonna block me because of their own bad emotional state/health) They always make sure to show you how they do it, they will stand infront of you and hover their vr hands to block option. Even mute users that never talk, do it all in the same way to express their superiority. I can go on, hopefully i gave you guys some insights of how i see it from my professional perspective. The block option needs to get removed, for this game and users benefits.
Visitor, New User, User, and Nuisance
The current rank system doesn't make sense. Do we really need so layered rank? I think that having just Visitor, New User, User, and Nuisance is enough. I checked my friend list, +1k friends by the way, and found most of my friends are Veteran or Trusted User. What's the difference between them? I don't see any difference. What's the difference between Known User and User? There is no difference. It makes no sense. It only causes social problems. The higher ranks should be abandoned. Make it simple. You can add them later if you want. You should know YAGNI, "You ain't gonna need it." The purpose of Trust System is to protect people from malicious users. The most important thing here is whether new users are trolls or not. Therefore, Visitor: They, newbies, might be good people but might be trolls. You can't tell. New User: They are not newbies anymore but some skepticism lingers on. It's a training period with the ability to upload content. User: They are not trolls. Nuisance: They might be trolls and are going to be banned when confirmed. VRChat Team: Devs. That is enough, so far. [Japanese] 現在のランクシステムですが、本当にこれほど階層化する必要があるのでしょうか? Visitor(訪問者)、New User(新規ユーザー)、User(一般ユーザー)、そしてNuisance(厄介者)、という種別だけで十分だと思います。 自分のフレンドリスト(1000人以上)を実際に確認してみましたが、私のフレンドのほとんどはVeteran、もしくはTrusted Userでした。彼らの違いは何なのだろうと考えてみましたが、わかりませんでした。Known UserとUserにしてもそうです。このふたつのランクに違いがあるとは思えません。現行のランクシステムは無駄に複雑すぎて、ただソーシャル上の問題を引き起こすだけです。不要な高ランクは破棄し、ものごとをシンプルに保つべきです。もし必要だとなればあとから追加すればいいだけです。YAGNIの法則「そんなもん必要にならねえよ」"You Ain't Gonna Need It." トラストシステムの目的とは、悪意あるユーザーから人々を守ることです。ここで最も重要なのは、新規ユーザーがTrolls(「荒らし」の意ですが、日本語のそれよりもう少し広い意味があるので単語をそのまま使います)かどうか、ということです。したがって、 Visitor: 完全な新参。良識ある人かもしれませんが、Trollsかもしれません。この時点では判定できません。 New User: 完全な新参ではありませんが、まだ疑いは残ります。これは付与されたアップロード権限をどのように使うかの試験期間です。 User: Trollsではありません。 Nuisance: Trollsである可能性があり、もしそれが確認されればBANされます。 VRChat Team: 運営。 いまのところはこれだけで十分です。
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