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Suggestion for an Alternative to the User Rank System
After quite a while of having the user trust and rank system, I think it's clear at this point that it does a bit more harm than good. People are discriminating and bullying others with lower ranks, people are uploading poor quality worlds to vrchat specifically just to get trusted user rank, and nobody uses the system as it's intended. This and it's a big obstical for new users to vrchat because they can't upload anything custom and lots of people see new users as untrustworthy, which makes it difficult to get out of this rank. What I'm proposing is basically a simplification of this system so that people will be more inclined to use it and so the unintentional issues with the system go away completely. Here's how it would work: instead of adjusting what you can see on avatars on people of certain ranks, make it so you can adjust what you can see on *everyone.* This is similar to how the avatar rank works, but this would be good for seeing avatars without the laggy components such as shaders. What I've noticed with everyone across the board is that everyone will use the custom settings and use the same settings for all ranks. Getting rid of the user ranking system for this reason would make everyone's lives easier and to be honest the only down sides I can see to this is just the work that would go into it, but it would be worth it in the end. If you must, you can keep friends seperate from everyone else in the safety settings, but everyone else needs to just be one category rather than all these tiers. If you wanted to keep categories in the safety settings, rather than using user ranks, how about making the categories into the different types of instances? (Friends+, Public, Invite Only, etc.) This way, people could set custom settings for the different instances they may go to if they wanted. That part is completely up in the air as a thought, so it doesn't need to be used. But also please make sure when you do this that the panic mode doesn't mess with your custom settings and uses its own setting.
[#800 Build]Crashes, hackers and script kitty's. Public is not safe
Since the beginning of VR-CHAT this has been an issue but not too the extent that it is today. I have been playing for 3 years and only have 700+ hours however I have been crashed, "knocked offline" and IP-Spoofed. malicious users will use an ALT account or use a name that cannot be searched using general methods. examples of issues/ "Clients (AKA script kitty's)" "Anti-block (allows user too be seen even when blocked and still has the ability too crash users, safety settings do not help) "Hackers / DDOS" "Crash avatar's (A.K.A CLAP AVATARS" "DOXing" and others unknown too even long time users, I would love too play this and socialize for more than 20 minutes without someone coming into a public lobby with a Global crash avatar (even when blocked by manual performance safety settings) and "de-logging" everyone in the lobby. just today it has happen'd two times. Clients are becoming more Prevalent which allow users too "Clip through walls (which is fine but I am speaking of Flying and teleporting players)" "DDOS" "de-LOG" "BLUE SCREEN (windows insider crash) "Black screen (VR HEADSET CRASH)" "Corrupt VRC files and Steam VR files requiring re-download" / ways VRC team can fix this?/ #1: Static IP-BAN #2: HARDWARE BAN #3: users that have been tagged as a malicious user will only be able too be with other malicious users (Optional) I do not feel safe playing VRC anymore and I refuse too join Public worlds due too these issues, and too add on this and too clear things up about the "USER" rank, alot of the time those "USER" rank players will SPAM loud music (mic spam) or use a program too play ear joggling music too disturb people in the lobby, another conclusion came too light that some of them are ALT accounts people make too DDOS, de-log and even Blue screen users. I love new people coming into the game and joining the community, however this is absolutely not the way too show that we are better than the bad parts of the community, if this continues than the game (VRC) will die and become barren, when new people come into a world and get crashed, DDOS'd, DOX'd, or HARASSED because they are a user they will not come back. Let me know your thoughts and leave comments!
[632] Ability for creators to make hints for shader replacement
Alot of ppl is suffering about shader replacment because it's not always replaces coreclty. As I understood for now unity's shader replacement mechanism ( ) is not used and it's replaced on avatar load manually by vrc code by internal algorithms. Some times shaders got replaced to the ones with wrong blending modes, some times it's just looks ugly in specific conditions (scene lighting), some of them just dont have properties for whitelisted shaders. There is already few posts related to that: So I suggest to make special component for SDK. Somthing like VRC_ShaderReplacement where contant makers can define explicit mappings of materials with custom shader to materials with whitelisted shaders (standart, diffuse, unlit, ... may be some lightweight flat lit? (pls no cubedparadox) ) so content makers can provide explictit materials for replacemnt with proper settings (textures, colors, blending modes, ...) that will not look very bad when custom shaders is disabled. Any materials w/o mapping or with mapping that does not fit whitelists (I guess sdk just should not include shaders used in mappings into build) can be replaced as it's currently doing. I don't think that this replacement mechanism will be hard to implement and heavy to execute at runtime.
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