As of now. If I don't misunderstand how it works. How often the IK updates for remote players is based on distance. Since you usually don't need to see other people with a high update rate if they are far away. This makes sense.
The problem is if you are a spectator of a game or similar. Where you see other people that are far away on a camera. That makes them move way more robot-like. moving between positions rather than being smooth as if they are close to you. This is most noticeable when they are turning around. Then they can even snap between different rotations, making it look weird.
So it would be pretty cool if there was some way to set a remote user to get higher IK updates even if they are far away in UDON. Just so spectating games can look a bit smoother. Even the games where some creators attach a first-person camera to a player's head for spectating.
I attached a gif of how it can look.