[Steps to reproduce]
  1. Lay out many (about 50 or more) MonoBehaviour and VRC_Pickup objects in the scene.
  2. Enter the world with 3 or more people.
  3. All player pick up and move some objects.
  4. Join a new player.
  5. The coordinates of some objects are not synced correctly to the new player.
Maybe, ownership information is not correctly transmitted to new player.
In the new player, owner of some objects will appear to be the master.
But the owner is actually a different player.
So the coordinates by the true owner send to be ignored, the new player will see the object appear to be stationary from its initial position.
Also, if an object is picked up by the true owner of that one, SetOwner is not called.
So new players will continue to recognize that the master is the owner.
[Interim measures]
Always the master keep to hold all ownership of objects.