Proposing an Udon wrapper around the Discord API for world creators to create more immersive worlds.
Discord already has an extensive API to interact with their services, poll servers for users, grab their groups, post messages to channels, retrieve messages from channels, etc..
The amount of new and exciting things creators could do in their worlds if they had this ability is almost endless.
I feel like this is an especially important and needed feature of the game, especially since crafting URL's at runtime is still being artificially disabled.
The entire Discord API does not need to be exposed from the get go, not that it would be very difficult to do.
Errors are already returned in JSON format which means they can easily be parsed in Udon without any additional development required from VRC devs.
Interacting with the API is a simple HTTP/REST library requiring you to formulate your request inside of a JSON object, so again, not much is needed from VRC devs to expose the ability for us to start interacting with the Discord API.
Essentially we just need whitelisted and an object that cant post and receive a JSON 'payload' to/from the URL.
Thank you for your consideration, I know this will be a widely appreciated feature for world creators and players.