Was testing out spawning portal prefabs into a world but have struck a wall. some spawn as expected and create a portal while others don't load properly. the portals that work and dont work stay the same but i cant find any correlation between them.

for the portals that aren't working properly act very peculiar. the first one that you spawn opens a portal to your home world. then the rest wont open any portal and gives a error.

error: [network processing] incorrect number of network ids for object, expected 1 and found 2.

error: [objectinstantiator] could not instantiate could not assign ids

but if you go back to that first messed up portal you spawned it will spawn with a home portal again.

sample world:


you click the world you want and reap the portal you want by clicking the X on the top right. if you want me to create a simpler set up for testing i can.

Edit: i was able to fix the problem by moving the prefabs closer to the root assets folder. im still not entirely sure but it appeared prefabs in the Assets/jet_home/prefab/portals/ directory were having problems spawning.