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Wrongly shown as online status
Sometimes, a player is shown in the online state while not logging into the game. It can cause social problems (or dramas) where friends send an invite but no response from the user. The repro condition seems to be: Keeping logging into the website Change the status to "Ask Me" (orange) or "Do Not Disturb" (red) Some logout (client shutdown) timing Repro Steps The following are the steps to reproduce with high probability in my environment. Prepare two accounts, W (watcher) and P(player) and make them friends Log into the website ( https://vrchat.com/home ) with P, and keep the login (that means keeping showing the page with the Web browser) Launch a desktop client with VRC Quick Launcher and log in with W Launch another desktop client (create another profile if you need) and log in with P With W client, open MM > Social > Friend Locations to see the status of P With P client, open MM > Profile > Status and select "Ask Me" or "Do Not Disturb" (you have to choose other than current status) and press the "Update" button After pressing the button, immediately change to W client and wait for the status update of P After you see the status change, immediately change to P client and press the top left close button to shut down the client With W client, open MM > Social > Offline and seek P and open the details view you will probably see the online status of P Other Findings You'll see the "Request Invite" and "Send Invite" buttons on the user detail view. You can operate them, and no errors happen. P will see the notifications on the website After seeing the user detail view, the status becomes online even in MM > Social > Offline (inconsistent in a single view). Compared to this, P doesn't appear on MM > Social > Friend Locations. If W adds P to Favorite Friends, you'll see P on the Wing menu with the online status. Compared to MM's case, there are no hints it is wrong info on the Wing. So, this might cause "emotional" social accidents where friends think, "No response though I invited them" Other accounts will also see the online status by searching P. That means the issue is not only temporary inconsistency on W client. There seem to be no messages that relate to some errors near the end of the P client log. I confirmed this wrong status continues for at least one hour. Tested Build 1470 (2024/6/29)


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