Since the VRC update that makes everything perform better for the Quest users (And apparently worse for the main desktop users) it brought a lot of problems with it. Besides the weird quiet sounding menue sound, theres a big delay with moving objects and people walking in general. Unnatural now. Its more like a sliding around than actual movements if you dont walk far. Besides those delays, theres also a now bigger voice delay. Before everything was relatively okay when it comes to that, but now theres a noticable 2 second delay when we speak. (2 people in world) I always interrupt someone while speaking now.

Here i made a video of the object delay.

My PC specs. i7 8700k, 16GB Ram, GTX 1080Ti

And just as a little side note. I find it nice that people with a Quest get included into this game, but making EVERYTHING perform better, which automatically makes everything worse (At least the way it is now) is absolutely unfair for all the desktop users which are just the main players of this game, and i personally believe, this update made the game quite a bit less enjoyable.