The only triggers that work inside of a dynamic prefab are those that only reference to within their own gameobject, triggers that reference outside of the dynamic prefab entirely, and the ActivateCustomTrigger action. In other words, if you want to communicate anything from one gameobject to another, you have to use a custom trigger. You cannot directly set states/animator values/etc. For example, if you want a button to turn on a light, you wouldn't be able to turn the light gameobject on directly from the button. Instead you'd have to create a custom trigger on the light's gameobject that turns the light component on, then call that custom trigger from the button. This effectively doubles the amount of triggers required, unless you use a central animator to control everything.

This bug isn't necessarily a critical flaw since there is a workaround, but if you aren't aware of this workaround it would leave you searching for bugs for hours. Plus the increase in triggers will likely harm performance, as marginal as it may be.