A lot of my friends, has purchased modified clinet from an hacker and use it just because it has Anti-kick solution. They do not disturb people, don't abuse moderation kick, they use it just because other people with modified client can kick them for an instance any time.

Also hackers can use bot to follow the player, and kick him every time he enterd to public or friends+ world. Some of my friends are suffering because of this. Just because they don't have modified client with anti-kick.

This separates people and causes negative emotions. Some of my friends don't want to enjoy VRchat anymore until this problem will be fixed.

As a content Creator, I'm really looking forward to Udon, Unity upgrade and other features. But it's doesn't matter if people will not play VRchat or I will need to pay hackers for anti-kick client. So the solution to this problem must be in priority.