In the Discord server for VRChat the #moderation-reports channel has information about posting moderation posts to the form, but the website doesn't link to it at all. I think it should link to it and talk about it in and under the the section called "How to report violations of the community guidelines." (Also the question called "What to expect when communicating with a VRChat employee" links to a section titled incorrectly. It has the same name as a section 2 sections up)

In the form page it says "Pictures / Videos will not be looked into at this present time" even though I would think having proof using media would be preferable so it should make more sense for them to be looked at.

In the #moderation-reports channel VRPill says "New guidelines on videos/images posted to moderation reports form - 'Reports will not be responded to. They will be reviewed by the VRChat moderation team. Only unlisted YouTube videos or photos on imgur, tinypic, photobucket, flickr, google photos will be looked at.'" and "Another new guideline for moderation reports - All videos need to be at least 2 minutes and show context for the situation. Also need to show nametags of person reporting clearly."

This important information should be part of the description of the form page. People being linked to the form should be able to see this information while they are submitting the form.