If you upload a world or avatar, certain symbols in name or description are incorrectly converted.

For example, exclamations become double exclamation marks, < becomes a filled in triangle, apostrophes get flipped backwards, question marks flip upside down, and other symbols use the incorrect type which has different width. It seems that perhaps they are being converted to a different language's symbol formatting. Is this perhaps an issue with the entire text system VRC is using? It's really bothering, and messes up all the formatting such that I try to avoid any usage of them. To test, if you upload a world with normal symbols, and then go to reupload it again or view it in game, you'll see all the symbols you put were actually replaced with alternate symbols (if the symbol is affected by this bug).


! -> ‼

< -> ◀

: -> :

- -> ㄧ

? -> ¿

' -> ‘

% -> ٪