In a instance with VRCVideoSync, the video playback breaks after changing room master once or multiple times. After the issue occurs VRCVideoSync will remain broken for all users present in instance until restarting VRC client, which makes this issue very severe from the user perspective, and causes the vrcsyncplayer to be practically unusable during normal use case scenario. Moreover, other problems, connected to syncing, has been observed which may be possibly connected to the described issue.


1. Have multiple users join the same world with VRCVideoSync present ( take note of the first person joining the instance - room master)

2. Change room master multiple times

3. Notice that Video stops working

4. Have users present in the instance join another world with VRCVideoSync present either as master or client

5. Notice that VRCVideoSync does not work after changing the instance

6. Have any of the users from step 1 restart VRC client

7. Have user mentioned in step 6 create new instance of world withVRCVideoSync present

8. Notice that VRCVideoSync plays video.

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