So here is the thing. So as we all know the Unity SDK is the only way to get avatars assigned to a particular VRChat account. This is fine if you make/upload avatars your self. But for the players that cant use the SDK, for whatever reason, there should be a way to get avatars on their account. Basically what I'm saying is there should be a way to transfer the ownership of an avatar to another player, like for instance, if someone makes an avatar as a commission for another player. Rather than risking your account by needing to give your username and password to the avatar creator, he or she should be able to willingly send the uploaded avatar to the other players account. Kinda like trading in-game items in an effect.

I mean, right now for players without anyway to use the SDK, sending their account info to other avatar creators to upload on their behalf is the only way to do this at the moment. And I find it to be a FAIRLY big security problem.