What I am suggesting is making a new icon called "Actions" located in the menu these will act like emotes but instead these actions will last indefinitely until you move your avatar or a possible cancel action button. Emotes in VRChat are animations and last only a certain amount of time. Example the basic "dance" emote last 5 seconds and then must be repeated again and again to emulate the avatar dancing. While with "actions" the selected emote or gesture will last forever in a repeating cycle for a more fluid experience compared to pressing an emote constantly. For example besides dancing you could set actions like laying down or sitting. This is very popular in other social games and RPGs. Where the avatar will be set to "sit" which it will do on the floor of the world. Your perspective will chance to that even in desktop / VR until broken by movement or "cancel Action button". A good example would be to have a lay down action where your avatar lays down flat on their back to look up. Imagine laying down and looking up at the stars or sky. You can't do this in Desktop and it's difficult in VR to do this. A simple action can alter gameplay and increase immersion. Another great idea would be "Sit Ledge" Imagine being on a map like presentation room or near a edge and you want to sit on it with your legs dangling. Well with this "action" you can sit and of course it depends on the pathing / world. Just imagine all the interesting actions you can do like "kneeling" where your avatar will kneel or bow indefinitely for more immersive gameplay I truly believe in this idea and concept. It will greatly improve the game and help with RP / immersion. Again, later down the road players would be allowed to make their own custom "actions" just like with emotes.