New HUD not just have join/leave notifications but it seem more stream line way to show messages in the HUD. It would be nice if there was ability to show display custom messages send via Udon or/and OSC. It would make things easier for world creators and OSC software designers, make things feel more unified.
-In case of Udon it would save up time for world creators, make things more integrated with VRC. As adding HUD elements is already advance feature to add to the world it would encourage beginner Udon coders to create more readable interactive/game worlds also allow easier debugging. World already add join/leave notifications which updated HUD obsolutes so why not go all the way.
-This would be really helpful in case of OSC, as it involve external software and you cant see messages (like error and such) from that software when you in VR and don't have any virtual desktop. This would also add moderated expendability to VRC that lot of people seek. Extra argument here is fact that VRC already allows that with chatbox, and this would allow displaying messages direcly to VR user, without showing it to everyone else in the world, adding extra layer to this.
If there any security conserns, messages could have different color to be not mistaken with official VRC notifications, also potentially implementing anti flood measures similar to OSC for chatbox already have.