Hey, my Name is WandDschungel and today i really wanna bring up the Opinion from most of the People and also myself, about that upcoming Vrchat Performance System, which indicates if your Avatar is good performing or not so well optimized.

Dont get me wrong i like the Idea beeing able to see what a specific Person has on their Avatar, but putting them into Catagories will basiclly do the same Thing it did when the Ranking System was released random ppl are getting blocked and then also might get deranked just because you have a maybe not that well optimized Avatar.

Many People are already annoyed by the Fact that is gonna be on Vrchat soon and want to quit playing it, just because of that Feature and from what ive heared there is supposed to be a Limit that you cant really upload your Supercreative Content which goes way over the Poor Limitations which you guys have set up for us which is kinda low tbh.

As is said dont get me wrong i see the benefits of this update which would be:

- Beeing able to see what is on an Avatar like Dynamic Bones and Stuff

- Kinda see how much Performance an Avatar could take

- Polycount gets upped to 70k

- Avatar sharing System where you can get an Public Avatar from a Friend.

But there is also the other side which are the bad things about this update:

- Getting Ranked for your Avatar even tho its optimized and not creating much lag even tho its over the Poor Limit

- People getting mad at you for having an Poor Avatar equiped and they instantly Block you like New Users got blocked when the Ranking System came out

- Many People will leave Vrchat just because of that coming i heared that from way to many guys that they wanna quit Vrchat just because this System is making it into the game

- Again the Avatar Sharing System wether or not its exploitable like some ppl could fine out on how to still take a Private avatar from your account and run around as it or even steal it

- Instead of giving us an Avatar sharing system give us that Gifting Feature so we can finally gift an Avatar to a Friend without the need for his Account Data

- Good Ranked Avatars with an Green Star can still lag you out depends on the Shader (Tesselation)

- People Stealing Avatars put private Avatars on Public Pedestals and will then make them Cloneable

With this Canny i kinda wanna show the Devs whats going on in the Community, where People hear about that update

My Goal with this Canny is either that this Update is not making it into the game or it needs to get minor Changes to make it work properly, so we dont get People blocking you for just your Avatar because they are paranoid or whatever.

You also maybe wanna make minor changes to the Trust System which is still not really efficient, i had it happen so many times that Trusted Users are more likely to be untrusted, where New Users are way more Clueless about the game and they do nothing most of the time then just beeing annoying People that just wanna chill out in this Game.

So you maybe wanna bring back that good old Veteran Rank that People really have someone they can Trust because they have so much game knowledge.