I went to 8 worlds last night and 7 of them didn't pass what I would consider "basic muster".

- Too many real-time lights

- Holding 45 frames barely on a 1080

- Collision meshes too complicated and drags the frame rates down

- Clouds aren't VR friendly

- Shaders dragging the frames down to sub-30

- Land clipping because it stretches too far away

- Grass dragging the frames down because it's not occluded properly

- Mirrors not hidden on launch

- Water isn't VR friendly

- And the list goes on.

All these awful worlds at the most basic levels being accepted as public brings down the entertainment value of the experience.

When you're entering a public world you go in with the assumption that it has passed BASIC rigor. Instead it feels like pre-NES days where the gaming market was saturated with bad games which caused people to effectively just stop buying. It wasn't worth it. It's not worth it in VRChat right now.

Make some basic rigor rules with some instructions and ban submissions from people who break them for a week.