I know this is worked on as well. But just so have this listed.

The events right now, as everyone knows, are more an insider-thing because of performance limitations, troll protection etc.

When these quirks are ironed out, there needs to be a big focus on events (I know this is a priority for the owners/devs)..and also presenting the events in a "professional" way, via the menu or whatever you come up with. Easily accessible and visible, not via 3rd party websites. People need to be informed about upcoming events, and similar like in other places, possibly can sign up for them..or at least state their interest in those events. The reason for this could be that people get emails shortly before the events start so they don't miss them.

That being said, "events" can be anything, from casual gathering of people where people are telling stories (as had happened in the hub), or following whatever events on Youtube (like the rocket launches they do on Altspace), to DJs, Gunter's Universe w/ guests, game tournaments etc..