Please change anti-aliasing level from x8 to x4 for VRHigh profile. Visual difference between x8 and x4 almost non existent but it will give everyone good FPS boost and will allow to use higher level of supersampling.

For example in my Nier world with default VRHigh profile and AA x8 my GPU used by 92-95% while switching to VRLow with AA x4 drops GPU usage to 68-70%. After doing this I was able to increase Steam super-sampling from 100% to 136% to get significally sharper image while keeping GPU load under 95%.

Would be nice if vrchat can consider switching default AA level for VRHigh from x8 to x4 and for VRLow from x4 to x2 that will help people with low spec GPUs. Or rename VRHigh to VRUltra and add new VRHigh with AA set to x4. I used Nvidia 1060 6Gb for performance testing.