According to a lot of users, there is a huge amount of people complaining about CPU usage. This is also called in the programming world, "CPU OverHead" And right now they are doing a fantastic job coding and hopefully instead of continuing on coding, they can modify what they already have, in order to solve al these issues, if they apply :)

However, based on other sources, there is some Unity Mitigation Techniques that you could implement.

QualitySettings.vSyncCount = 0;

Application.targetFrameRate = (insert default fr);

This could cause a terrible drop in framerate giving lots of users who run highly built computers to be at a loss indefinitely.

Here you can find some tips from a 2017 article on unity3d about high overhead for huge GPU/CPU games.

If you wanted to be technical, this is a great resource for the devs even though they OBVIOUSLY kno what they are doing already, but as an indie game, some things can EASILY be overlooked since VR is so new and interesting.

And here:

As well as you could look into this little article for a few tidbits.

Maybe after about a week of tinkering you could reduce CPU usage by %30 of its current issues? Not too sure but yall are going high and above!

Adittional note: If you were to implement a "default settings based on GPU/CPU combination" and let the user screw it up for themselves, that would be great too!