Many are aware that there's plenty of Desktop(non-VR) users on VRChat, and we feel like we're a bit pushed out in terms of functionalities and other options, and I am awaree that VRChat is mainly with VR in mind but in the long-run we would like to see some Desktop love :3

Some of the updates we would like are the following:

- Ability to point and move the hand/pointer to wherever we want. (not the emote)

- Ability to rotate objects

- Mouse/Look Sensitivity Option

- Crouching and Prone Keybinds (CTRL or C / Z)

- Fullscreen and resolution options.

- V-Sync(off/on) and higher FPS limit.

- Key Binding options for Emotes(so we don't have to open the menu and click one)

- Leaning Right/Left (without being derpy :P)

Apologies if many of these have been request or I am missing some, I tried searching arouund I swear :3