Don't get me wrong, I want custom scripting and all these new shiny fancy features as much as the next person. But it's waaaaay to soon. Especially with the sudden boom in users and trolls. I'd much rather see a large focus on new tools and fixes to your many broken tools to deal with trolls. I mean, maybe we wouldn't need to call in mods so much if the vote to kick worked more than 40% of the time. And if the notaficiation icon was different for vote to kicks so people stop declining them thinking it's a friend request. I can't even stand most of the events we usually run because of the trolling. Couldn't sit in last week's improv for more than 20 minutes before I had to leave from all the trolling. And right now the only solution to fix this is to make all events private and for inside members of the community only. Which really sends the community in the opposite direction it should really be moving. So this is more a request for you guys to focus on the necessary moderation features we need now, than the more quality of life features that we don't really "need" any time soon. We need a larger focus on user features than developer features.

TL;DR: Vrchat needs to prioritize revamping it's terrible tools for self moderation and polishing what they have before introducing new quality of life features that we don't always need (like custom scripting).