We've all seen it before: Try to place a portal to another world, but you instead get a message saying "Too close to spawn" or "Too close to other users" if another user happens to walk in front of you. This inevitably causes frustration, as you are now required to close out of your menu, physically move, and start the whole process over from the beginning.

I propose an enhanced system for placing portals: When you click the "Drop Portal" button, you enter "Drop Portal" mode. In this mode, the menu disappears but your hand continues to display a laser pointer. Pointing this laser at an available area of ground will result in a green ghost portal appearing there (only visible locally). Clicking the trigger will result in the portal being created at the indicated location. Pointing at a spawn area, near another user, or any other invalid area will cause the ghost portal to turn red. While red, clicking the trigger will display an error message which can be dismissed without exiting "Drop Portal" mode.

Additional details:

-Portals should only be able to placed within a certain distance of the user (I.E. 1 meter)

-Desktop and VR users without hand controllers can use their head instead of hands

-Re-opening the menu will cancel portal placement.