While VRC being de-facto social network it can be very useful to have some social graph based features, for example:

- "Shared friends". If some one adding you, before accept/deny or for already added friend you can go into profile and see friends you share, so you can figure out from what social group that dude and with who he/she usually playing.

- "friends of friends" aka "close players" aka "ppl you might want to add". If your friends have same players added to fiend that you didn't add, they should be shown in separate menu in social. This can be very usefull both for newcomers to find friends and for old players that have alot of players - some times we add ppl that not actually friends to have a extra contact with other social group, then we have tons of friends and trying to form "fav friends" that is ouff. But it's will not be necessary with that feature. You just can go into close players list and find ppl you know to go.

These two features probably need extra security/privacy settings so players can define are they shown in this lists or not, and if shown then will they be able to ask join, and are friend able to see your shared friends or not.