This is not an in-game feature, but something I think is relevant enough to be on the canny.

I would like to see more posts made on the page on a more regular schedule, say, once a month? More or less?

The posts could be either updates on what is currently being worked on short and long-term and explaining them in some details, plans for the future or highlighting especially well made worlds and/or tutorials. Maybe interviews with players? Funny youtube clips? Sky's the limit!

If any dev wishes to inform people about certain things, such as do's and don'ts regarding content creation, this would be a perfect place to make sure their voice is properly heard aswell instead of being drowned out by the noise on the discord.

Currently all "news" are either second-hand info or whenever an employee decides to speak on the discord server. A lot of users are frustrated about there exist no proper channel to get reliable "VRchat info" from, and I believe being more active on the blog (And posting a link to it whenever it updates on the discord) would be healthy for the community.

In short, more and better communication from the company itself, not from the individual employees.