If you use textbubbles in any way with OSC, you may know this pain but they have limits that are annoying and sometimes radically inconsistent, I propose that instead of nerfing bubbles so much we instead have a proper way to mute individuals similar to how we can mute voice, considering its a form of chat we should be able to do it anyway if we do not want to talk to them or dont like what they are doing, the current limitations greatly limit creative freedom by punishing everyone harshly for a few bad apples, of course if you're spamming 1000's a second thats a different story but it shouldn't be triggering so much if you're only sending a couple every few seconds.
I can't tell you how many times while working with my AI creations I run into issues where the chat bubbles go into a 30 second cooldown and brick a lot of my services visuals sometimes fast sometimes slow, and inconsistently being hard as hell to track.
They also seem to not be able to be canceled by typing "" as a input anymore, which may be a bug as this was not how it functioned before.