As i seen people argue that 20k is not a lot and i can agree because my avatar looks like Garbage when i taken it from 64k polygons to 20k somehow. It doesn't look great and screws up the rigging and bones then creates a hassle just to get a conversion. No what its just too much work just to make ONE avatar i really spent 17 days just to make the SDK ACCEPT THE AVATAR. JUST FOR ONE AVATAR. Now i know the pain of people when i said just give me 1 day when i meant 17 days. now before you say: It will hurt your fps. Look fps is about material. i only used about 10 materials (Eyes, Eyes2, Skin, Skin2 Arms, Hair, Pants, Shirt) THAT ALL but i couldn't use the other 3 like backpack, Glasses and others its not required but it not fun seeing them on me. Now i use a gt720 before then i had 0 problems. now i upgraded to the *recommend specs that VR wanted(GTX 1060)* Most people will need the recommended spec on steam anyways just to get at least VR Working its very pointless of having this 20K polygons limit. Now I wouldn't mind a upgrade to 40 or 50K polygons so i can actually keep the character form and not some half chop 144p character.

Thank you for reading my pain because its stupid to have a limit for a high end game and PC.