I would like to request a feature that allows world creators to choose when their world moves out of Labs and into the new category after approval, rather than this transition happening automatically once criteria are met.
Currently, worlds are moved out of Labs at an arbitrary time once they meet the approval criteria. This can be suboptimal for creators who want to launch their worlds at peak hours in their time zone or synchronize with events to maximize user engagement and ensure a strong first impression.
Proposed Solution:
Introduce an option for creators to schedule the release of their world from Labs. This could be implemented as an opt-in feature during the publishing process to Labs. By default, worlds would still auto-release once approved, but if creators opt-in, they can manually select when their world goes live.
Optimized Launch Timing: Creators can choose peak hours or event timings, leading to higher initial engagement.
Better First Impressions: Coordinated launches can increase user retention and satisfaction.
Flexibility: Creators maintain control over their content’s release, tailoring it to their community and promotional plans.
Implementation Suggestion:
When publishing to Labs, include a checkbox for "Manual Release from Labs." If checked, creators will receive a notification upon approval, allowing them to select the precise time for their world to go live. Alternatively, there could be a simple "Publish Now" button available once the world is approved, giving creators immediate control over the release without additional scheduling.
This feature will empower world creators with greater control over their content's release, improving engagement and user experience.