I want to start by saying, yes I understand that people will abuse the exploits in your sdk, but "hacking" is common in every game. This is more of an open letter to the devs than anything. I wont be naming names, or pointing fingers. I'm speaking for myself of things I have noticed, and can see happening. I have been a part of a large group of friends that are all avatar and world creators. We get together almost nightly to discuss things in game, and updates comming, as well as show off new creations or tricks we've figured out. 95% of the time something new is showed off, someone says, "I wonder how long until they restrict that too." The reason why is because of the day of the particle limiter. Not the new one. The first one. The one that killed most, if not all, of our gestures. Thankfully it was removed quickly, but that put a bad taste in most of our mouths because all of us thought at some point, it would be put back in permanently. Then audio was limited making most of our sound effects and music not heard. Then we figured out how to do chairs on avatars, only to have that patched as well. Now VRChat buffers every time we spawn something in, change avatars, or someone joins, causing our animations to reset in the middle of showing them off. I understand all of this was done to keep the abusers from abusing, but the thing about abusers is, they will always find a way around it. We all understand the abusers suck, but most of us have just grown to ignore them. The abusers are still doing exactly what they've been doing since day one, and the rest of us are suffering the consequences. Not them. So many people have quit playing because of being restricted on everything we do. Each update isn't, "what can we do," its, "what can't we do." I understand things are in development, but we can't do amazing things with restrictions. Most of us want to fight the abusers ourselves, but since we follow the rules, we have to pay the price for them because they just go around it. Why is our reward for following the rules, and finding cool things in the game, having that cool thing taken away because someone else isn't following the rules? Restrictions will kill a game. You guys need to understand that competition is comming, and as soon as it does, if the other game has less restrictions, everyone will go to it. This game has the ability to be the next Garry's Mod. My suggestion is to give a little slack on the leash you have on all of us, and let us make this game amazing. You guys are doing a fantastic job. Let us help you do even more. I have many suggestions, but I don't want to list them here. All I ask is please stop taking away the things that keep us in the game. Thank you for your time.