Currently, VRC_PlayerAudioOverride is limited to functioning only in situations where it is used globally, or in other words the region and it's properties only function properly when they are kept in sync across all clients.

Please update VRC_PlayerAudioOverride so that it can function completely locally. This would allow for much more dynamic and creative use of the component.

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Example Use Cases for an updated VRC_PlayerAudioOverride that can function locally:

• Simulating audio occlusion between rooms/floors - This would be a performant way to approximate audio occlusion.

• Allow for "microphones" to function only when the listener is in specified areas, so they are not amplifying the performer beyond the audience area. - For instance, I would like only people upstairs in The Pug to hear the amplification a stage microphone may provide. I do not want those on the first floor to hear those on the stage even better.

• Allow for voice amplification/attenuation to be coordinated between self-selected users dynamically (To fake things like "walkie talkies", "telephones", etc.) - admittedly a hack/workaround, but something many were excited to try.

• Allow users to set user-selected preferences.

• Allow those attending a show to selectively amplify the stage or attenuate the audience around them. - Putting control in the hands of the audience member.

• Many more creative uses I am not necessarily able to think of at this time.