I hope this makes sense but ill type it in the best way I understand it. these were the big hurdles with getting the standard asset vehicles to work.

first: we have a chair that allows "disable exit from station" but there is no easy way to get out of this chair, you cant even respawn out of it. Im not sure how to fix this, maybe just a simple trigger action to allow you to exit or let us change that setting properly with an animation. currently this takes some hackery that results in people seeing others still stuck in the chair and also it does not always properly return you to normal animation (my karts have a custom sitting animation that people get stuck in on the hackery exit of the disable exit chair)

also, the "immobilize for vehicle" works very well as it is now for the karts but the only issues is this disable exit problem)

second issue: we need a trigger to give ownership (what happens when you pickup an object) of an object to someone who activates it. example,

trigger: on interact > give ownership? (maybe with options of who to give ownership to such as (master, self and any other current options but for the karts a self options is whats needed)

oh and I was told to say hi to Dan. Hi Dan! :D