Test world ID: wrld_03f17561-5b91-4472-90e6-4ef148da2d6b

This world has a platform with a Voice Override Region set to have near=100 and far=100 (which I assume to mean meters?). With 30m of a player standing and speaking on this platform, their voice can be heard clearly, but at a distance of 30m, they suddenly become inaudible. This hard limit may be an issue with some use cases (e.g. a simulated phone call between distant rooms using locally enabled overrides); if the override specifies a larger range, it should be respected.

Summary in Japanese (for the benefit of folks who helped test):

このワールドでは、Voice Override Regionがnear=100、far=100に設定されてる台があります。台の上に立っているプレイヤーの30m範囲内ならば、声は鮮明に聞こえるけど、30mを超えるといきなり聞こえなくなる。疑似的な電話などのギミックでは問題になるかもしれませんので、Overrideでもっと広範囲が設定されている場合は適用されるべきです。