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[1442] Camera "Mode" Menu is quite confusing & overwhelming
Issue: With the recent addition of Animated Emojis the Camera Mode sub menu also got a little bit of a rework. However this rework made it quite a bit more confusing in my opinion and could even be considered a bit overwhelming, especially for a new user. There are 2 main issues that I have with this redesigned menu: Inconsistency & Unpredictability: The sub menu appears to have 4 buttons in it, but they all work differently. - Photo & Emoji both open sub menus, while Multi Layer and Stream do not Photo & Emoji both have sub menus, but they are also different sub menus - Photo opens a sub menu for where you want a picture to be saved - Emoji opens a sub menu for how many frames an Emoji should have Every button behaves differently, even though from the start they all appear to look the same. Some open sub menus, while others don't. This results in the user not being able to predict what is going to happen when they click on any of these buttons. This is confusing, even for me as a long time user. Complexity: The Camera Mode sub menu has quite a few Layers to it compared to other Camera sub menus. Other Camera sub menus basically go 2 Layers deep, you first have the selection of the category and then the settings it self. (e.g. Mask > list of toggles ) The Camera sub menu however goes 3 Layers deep. As normally, you select the category and are then being provided with options, however a few of these options now also have sub menus in them. (e.g. Camera Mode > Photo > Save Location) Conclusion: Knowing all of that, the main issue I can see with the Camera Mode sub menu is that it just tires to fit too many options into one menu. This sub menu technically hides like 8 different buttons inside of it, 10 when you also count unfolding the Photo and Emoji sub menu as buttons. This is especially noticeable as some options are for what kind of image you want to take, while others are for where those are supposed to go / be saved to. Suggestion: Instead of trying to squeeze all of this into one sub menu, maybe consider separating them a bit? Move things into different sub menus and group them more together by what kind of setting they are. To prevent users form selecting incompatible options you could for example also grey them out / block them from being selected at the same time. Attachments: Here is a video showcasing the issue:
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