This issue has existed since the beginning of the 2018 open beta and was very obvious in one of my worlds where I use triggers for basic hierarchical culling. I needed to put together a basic test case for this though.

The basic issue is that on live triggers fire OnExitTrigger when their gameobject gets disabled, since the trigger volume gets disabled as well. This is reliable behavior.

On open beta, when you disable a gameobject it does not fire OnExitTrigger until the game object is re-enabled. This can cause a bunch of inconsistent behavior.

This is the test world

There are 3 box triggers in this world, each is connected to a VRC_Trigger that enables the next smaller trigger box when you enter one. The 3 boxes in the center show each volume's trigger state. They turn on and off in sequence with each trigger volume you enter and exit.

Walking into and out of the trigger volumes works fine in beta, but if you respawn while inside the center of the the volumes, you will see that some of the volumes have not fired their OnExitTrigger event and have left some of the objects inside enabled. If you respawn from inside all of the triggers in live, everything works as expected and everything gets disabled.