In the latest build (896), OnEnterTrigger seems to only work the first time they are entered.

I'm using it for occlusion/enabling/disabling objects in certain areas.

I've tested with my 2017 world both in live and beta, and the issue is only in beta.

The same happens with my 2018-beta version of the world that I'm working on (using SDK2-2020.

Additionally, since I use these triggers to disable certain areas... respawning now often causes me to fall through the world.

world IDs:

wrld_bbba9898-3a73-4bba-bc5a-4906fafef530 (live 2017 world in screenshot)

wrld_ab8655d9-76c2-4b4c-a8a0-0b7b6e66050c (2018 beta version of the world)