Some worlds crash the game when trying to leave then

Worlds involved in report

Note that not every crash I've tested in 902, I'll note the latest [version] I've tested that specific transition in

Blue-Kun's Home (My home world, so every test will start from here, Also used as a destination)

The Short Pub (One of the test destination worlds)

Club Despair (Crash on leave encountered)

The Phoenix v1.5 (Crash on leave encountered)

Tests performed;

Club Despair -> The Short Pub Crashes [896]

Club Despair -> Blue-Kun's Home Crashes [902]

Bar Clover Cherry -> Blue-Kun's Home Crashes [902]

The Phoenix v1.5 -> Blue-Kun's Home Crashes [902]

The Phoenix v1.5 -> The Black Cat Crashes [902]

Any transition not listed have not been tested (i.e. Bar Clover Cherry -> The Short Pub may crash but hasn't been checked) All tests performed in desktop mode