Animation sync has become so unreliable to the point that I am struggling to make workarounds for every issue that is negatively impacting the extensive animation state machine used in Elevator VR. Prior to this update, Elevator VR worked shockingly reliably, running through the entire ride for thousands of viewers with no problems. Now there seems to be several bizarre issues randomly occurring for various users, including:

-Animations occasionally being skipped for some of the people in the room

-Animations ceasing to load at all for some of the people in the room, forcing them to leave and rejoin to make them work

-People randomly get teleported outside the elevator when joining late, despite the fact the teleporter only appears at the start of the state machine

-A previous animation somehow remaining while another plays on top of it for some users, despite use of "Write Defaults"

-The logic for ending the state machine is broken for all users, and causes various weird effects for everyone who isn't master.

I have been working on making workarounds for the various animation sync bugs introduced in this build, but it is proving difficult, as most of these issues are not occurring for everybody, nor do they occur every time.