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[SDK][862] "Offline Test" option is broken with multiple clients
Please fix multi-client "Offline Testing" or provide a better way to test networking without a full world upload. The SDK provides two buttons for testing. One is for local testing and the other is for full uploads. Local testing, or "Offline Testing", still requires a network connection and also provides an option for the number of clients. While some things appear to work with only one client, when using more than one client, local testing breaks and behavior is unreliable. Since this is built right into the SDK, people believe that it is correct functionality and think that their world is broken, wasting many hours of debugging and more bad testing. Known issues: -Network IK only sends for master -OnPlayerJoined/OnPlayerLeft triggers do not fire -Sitting in stations force all clients to the same position -Object ownership does not act properly between clients -Sometimes only the master can execute ANY triggers -Some clients do not make it to the same instance -Some clients are kicked to home Previous canny relating to multi-client local testing was closed with the response that using the same account for the same instance is not supported. Users are required to log into different accounts. This is not a solution. The general user does not know they are required to have multiple accounts to test their own worlds properly. Multiple accounts can only enter the same world if the world has been fully uploaded. Some users also have a very slow or limited connection and uploading a full world is impractical.
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